Saturday, 17 December 2011

No more afternoon naps

December 15th 10 am.

No I'm not. Well, not yet anyway.

The meeting yesterday wasn't quite that bad. After I got the tears out of the way and finished blowing into a brown paper bag, I walked across with my envelope to the desk.

Five years of my life were in that piece of paper.

Sitting at my desk it was clear that a thousand eyes were on me. Bad idea.  I went instead to the corner stall in the refuge for the weary. The Sanctum Sanctorum called 'Gents'.

It was a bit of a comfort area for me. On particularly tiring days (basically Mondays through Thursday, unless it was a busy Friday) I used to choose that stall to take my afternoon nap. I read somewhere that it would increase my lifespan by 5 years. Crap. That meant 5 more years of unfunded retirement.

So I sat there, slit open the envelope and read a bunch of platitudes, a number that would pay my mobile bill for a couple months and an access to a counsellor should I need one.

I wonder if the counsellor fees could be monetised ? One to ask. I made a mental note.

So what was I going to do when the money ran out ?

My plan of action was very clear.

I had to stop this flirtation with longevity.

No more afternoon naps. Take up smoking and bacon.

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