Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Becoming Undead

December 14th , 2011. 9 am.

And so it happens.

People start looking at me closely as I line up for the lifts in the office lobby.

That HR intern makes eye contact with me for the first time in six months, smiles briefly and looks away.

The ticker on the computer screen shows the stock price of our bank moving up for after 3 years.

A little flashing red light on my blackberry tells me that I have a meeting in the next five minutes. I'm well on time.

The coffee queue is short, and they get the right amount of milk in the cup.

The sun is out and if there were birds permitted in the building, they'd be singing.

Yes, I'm about to get laid off. Restructured, Compromised. Whatever.

I'm about to become a statistic in the daily mail.

I'm about to join the ranks of the Undead.

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